Human Resource & Development Services

The Human Resources needed to drive a business cannot be over-emphasized. Every business requires human to drive it irrespective of the level.

It is therefore important that the range of activities, processes and procedures relating to the Human aspect of the business be properly managed to bring out the best for the business.

Our focus is on ensuring every aspect is made right to enable your business take a leap.

Our range of Human Resources management services include :

  • Human Resources department set up and management and outsourcing
  • Performance management, improvement and monitoring
  • Corporate performance management and balanced score card management
  • Job evaluation, job description development and review
  • Key performance indicators development
  • Human resource strategy formulation, review and advise
  • Expatriate management and advisory services
  • Human resources Audit
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Strategic Manpower planning, Recruitment, selection, placement and on boarding management
  • Talent management and retention services
  • HR employee mentoring
  • Learning and Development(Training: Technical and softskills)
  • Policy manual and employee handbook development and evaluation
  • Management strategic Retreat management and development of strategic blueprint
  • HR score card development and management/HR metrics
  • HR support services and outsourcing
  • Process manual development for all departments and functions in the organization
  • HSE management
  • Quality and HSE manual development and advisory
  • Corporate governance framework development and management
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Business process improvement services
  • Remuneration survey
  • Salary administration: structure development and evaluation
  • HR statutory compliance management and advisory
  • CV evaluation
  • Career counseling
  • Background check 

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